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RSA Security LLC, formerly RSA Security, Inc. and doing business as RSA, is an American computer and network security company with a focus on encryption and encryption standards. RSA was named after the initials of its co-founders, Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir and Leonard Adleman, after whom the RSA public key cryptography algorithm was also named. Among its products are the RSA BSAFE cryptography libraries and the SecurID authentication token. RSA is known for allegedly incorporating backdoors developed by the NSA in its products.

A former employee raises the question of whether or not RSA may be breaking the law. They said, "Worst management ever. Incompetency abounds at RSA. Horrible product development and support. Total chaos with product roadmap, no future direction. Unethical actions by management to force aging employees out, possibly illegal. Massive security vulnerabilities in their products actively covered up by order of management."


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Current Employee - Principal Software Engineer says

"Frequent resource cuts and firing"

Former Employee - Sales says

"name brand is there but perception can be very old like Sears, JC Penney, etc Senior Management lives in a cocoon and is not honest with employees Secure token product is losing customers and money due to competition and technology advancements Seems to be a disconnect between senior sales management and individual sales people The Corporate message makes no sense"


"Dell is destroying the place with benefit cuts that are big pay cuts in disguise. Lots of layoffs. Stingy company that nickels and dimes employees, thanks to Dell. Absolutely, the theme is work more for less pay! No joke."

Former Employee - BDR says

"Minorities beware if you love excelling while being passed over for promotions by less qualified and less colored co workers then RSA is the place for you! After being passed over for a promotion time and time again. A miracle happened and was told I was finally going to be promoted, to only be told a month later I was being passed over for the promotion again."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"In every department there is a cement ceiling for woman. Some executives portray themselves as pro-advancement of woman but even the female executives do not support the growth of other woman. Decision making is a problem."


"Worst management ever. Incompetency abounds. Horrible product development and support. Total chaos with product roadmap, no future direction. Unethical actions by management to force aging employees out, possibly illegal. Massive security vulnerabilities in their products actively covered up by order of management."

Current Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"Too much bureaucracy in the development process. It takes too long to get things done. And also much of the technology is antique java and Spring. Skill set level of most of QA/QE are way below average. Salaries are 20-25% less compare to other similar companies."

Former Employee - Technical Advisor says

"-Completely inept management. -Complete lack of documented process. -Customer "escalations" do not move to more knowledgeable reps; rather become forced priority to the detriment of other clients. -Complete lack of efficient training. -Micromanagement leads to duplicated work. -After leaving the company they illegally withheld my final paycheck for over a month due to lack of documented exit processes."

Inside Sales says

"Pay not competitive, red tape on every process, high turnover"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No funky beats on the radio"

Sales Enablement Instructional Designer (Former Employee) says

"People are not encouraged to talk to each other, and if so you need an appointment. There are some people you are instructed not to talk to at all. It is an older company with great technology but declining market share and a culture of disrespect."

Identity, Governance, and Authentication (Current Employee) says

"big changes since the acquisition. used to have that true start up feel and fun but all that has changed since big brother took over. getting lost in the big machine"

Senior Business Operations Manager/Sales Operations (Former Employee) says

"Not the same anymore, they should re-invent themselves given so many software security companies in the industry. It used to have a great reputation but not anymore"

PMO (Former Employee) says

"RSA hires/moves around many of their Sr. Management which makes setting strategy and attending it difficult at best. It's devoid of process, professionalism and advancement.can work from homeSr.Management shuffling every year"


"Good start for your career. You can learn many technologies and emphasis is given on professional development. The only downside is the work is slow paced due to many teams working and it may result in discouragement.Awesome co-workersWork life balance affected due to evening calls"

Technical Writer Co-op (Former Employee) says

"RSA is a laid back company with excellent benefits and a caring supervisors. They also have an excellent and well stocked kitchen with plenty of snacks."

Senior Advisor/Technical Program Manager (Current Employee) says

"Work Life Balance is good at RSA. Fun place to work with exposure to cutting edge technology being a leader in security industry. People and culture is dynamic with goo work ethics."

Senior Financial Analyst (Current Employee) says

"work is work and i have no comments on this portion. I am still with the company and any company information is confidential. If you want to know more, than work for the company"

Identity and Access Management Account Executive (Current Employee) says

"RSA is a great company for young sales people who want to throw themselves into the fire and test their skills. What RSA does not do well is facilitate the sales process. Internal processes have slowed to a snails pace, and customers have picked that up. Customers feel disconnected from RSA, and sales numbers across all product lines have reflected this negatively. RSA is in a crisis after they were purchased by Dell, incapable of figuring out where they fit into Dell Technologies, if at all. Mass turnover has started and uncertainty has set in on all levels of the sales team.Experience, TrainingUncertainty, Distractions"

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Overall RSA was a good place to work. Bogged down by corporate drama and an extremely quick turnover of senior management."

Senior Manager (Former Employee) says

"RSA is your typical software firm jockeying products and/or solutions. Now that RSA is part of the Dell Technologies family one should be optimistic about the possibilities.Security space is hot and RSA should be able to leverage it's market leading technologies and thought leadership exponentially. Unfortunately, RSA has yet to do so and that is puzzling.Leadership is good but not great and that may need to change. Benefits are great! Work-life balance isn't bad and the company allows for a ton of flexibility.Top notch resources are on the books, yet RSA does minimal to develop talent which is disappointing and telling.Benefits, compensation; RSA ConferenceEmployee development; leadership"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Is it a product company or solution company? Do they sell direct to customers or only via the channel? Are they a services company or do they give that biz to partners? Previous Pres put head-scratching changes in motion and then left. A vacuum of true leadership now exists. Great brand so hopefully they can figure it out."

Inside Sales (Former Employee) says

"This was a small company with few compliance and process requirements. The culture was strongly sales orientated, people could manage their time and priorities as long as the job was getting done. And everyone helped colleagues achieve their objectives."

NA (Current Employee) says

"Great place to work. Of all the things the people and work/home life balance was phenomenal. Great place to learn a lot of valuable skills. Can be very stressful at times."

Senior Advisor, Enterprise Services (Current Employee) says

"Good working atmosphere. Customer-focused. It is a stable company but there are no growth opportunities for employees. You will be in same position for a long number of years. No promotion and no financial growth."

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